BOBLOV B4K1 128GB 4K Body Mounted Camera with GPS

BOBLOV B4K1 128GB 4K Body Mounted Camera with GPS

BOBLOV B4K1 128GB 4K Body Mounted Camera with GPS, 3100mAh Battery for 10-12hours Shooting, Red-Blue Alarm, with Car Suction Mount and Car Charger


  • 【4K Body Worn Camera】We know that our regular customers must have waited too long for the 4K camera. Finally, it was released, using the latest sensor and chipset, ranging from 4K/30fps to 2160P, 40M for photo shooting.
  • 【GPS Function Supported】Enabled the GPS function in the setting, get more location details of the video. B4K1 Body Worn Camera could record videos along with the moving route, watch videos on seller-provided GPS Player, and trace back the routing of video files.
  • 【3100 mAh Rechargeable Battery for 10-12 use】The built-in 3100 mAh battery of B4K1 video recorder, charging it fully for 4-6 hours in the standard adapter and USB cable. It supports a 12hours recording time (1080P, IR Off) and 20 hours standby time. All-day and high-strength work recording.
  • 【Comes with Car Mount Bracket and Car Charger】If you are a travel enthusiast and like to record the scenery along the way, this two in one camera is a very good choice. It can support 10 hours of video recording without connected to a car. However, it should be noted that the working temperature of the machine is – 10 ℃ – 45 ℃. Please do not use the camera when the car is hot or cold, otherwise the battery may be broken.
  • 【Red-Blue Alarm】The Camera comes with fun function with Red-Blue Alarm, if you are in emergency situation, you can turn on this function for attract attention.


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