Roam with The Gnome – Hiker’s Wound Salve

Roam with The Gnome – Hiker’s Wound Salve

Roam with The Gnome- Hiker’s Wound Salve. Natural Organic Salve for Wounds, Foot Blisters, Bruises, Raw Skin, ect. Eco Friendly Company


  • Roam with the Gnome! Keep this truly medicinal salve on hand for any outdoor adventure. For People Who Do Stupid Things Like Getting Hurt… The Hairy Gnome is Here to Help! 100% Natural, Organic, Non GMO, No Mineral Oil, No Petroleum.
  • All jokes aside… Our 1 oz. Tin of super concentrated ingredients aids in rapid healing and scar prevention! Use for almost any situation. Foot Blisters, Rashes, Cuts, Scrapes, Post Surgery Healing, Burns, Tattoo Aftercare, Boils, Cysts, Acne, Bites, Stings, Bruises and Broken Bones.
  • Ingredients: Comfrey, Rice Bran Oil, Plantain, Calendula, Tea Tree, Helichrysum, Frankincense, Galbenum, Birch, and Bergamont Essential Oils.
  • Comes With 2- 2″X 3″ Cotton Adhesive Bandages.Soft, non-woven backing conforms around wound and seals on all four sides. Bends Well With Knees and Elbows Making Them Perfect For Wound Care.

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